What To Expect On Sunday

What happens during a typical Sunday service?

The first thing you can expect to see on Sunday at All Saints is a friendly face! You will be warmly welcomed into our church and given a hymnal and bulletin. The bulletin will be your guide through our liturgy. Liturgy is simply a term we use to describe the form, or pattern of our worship. The liturgy serves as a guide for our services.

Since the days of the New Testament, Christians have gathered on the Lord’s Day to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper. The four elements of the Eucharist, the Gathering, the Word of God, Holy Communion and the Sending correspond with God’s activity in the world.

Each Sunday, we gather corporately to sing and pray, hear the word of God read and preached, participate in Holy Communion, and then are sent out into the world to proclaim the reconciling love of God in Christ. 


What should I wear?

There is no particular form of dress standard among our people, except that we come as we are. You will find people in suits, in business casual, in dresses, in pants, in jeans and t-shirts, etc. Come as you are, and we trust you will feel welcome. 

What about our children?

We love children at All Saints! Our Children's Ministry is for ages birth up to 6th grade. Children's Church meets each week during the sermon time and on "Rest-Stop" Sunday (the first Sunday of each month), children remain with their parents during the sermon. Our nursery is available for children 3 and under.