Missions & Outreach Ministry

All Saints Anglican Church is a first fruits church as defined in Proverbs 3:9-10, Leviticus 27:30 and Malachi 3:10-12. Those first fruits, or tithes, that will be a minimum of 10% to be spent outside the Church through the Outreach and Mission Committees.

The purpose of the ASAC Mission Committee is to promulgate and encourage support and participation in foreign mission programs, missionaries and our own church members involved in or preparing for full time missionary service or short term mission trips. We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the church office. Everyone is invited.

The Mission Committee Members:

Joe Smith - Chairperson
Susan Bushnell - Vice Chairperson
Jason Bushnell - Secretary
Loys Mundy
Frank & Ginnie Myers
Al & Barb Shannon
Dolores Cummings
Dr. Art & Nancy Vincent
Larry Strawn - Vestry Liaison

World Missions we support:
Ghana, Africa
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Niger, Africa
Camroon, Africa

Our GOD is a missionary GOD. HE first sent the patriarchs, then HE sent the prophets, then HE sent JESUS and now HE is sending us.

All Saints' Outreach focus is on the work being done in our community by various ministries that are helping make peoples lives better through health, healing and education with a Christian perspective.

If you would like to know more about and get involved in any of the ministries we support please contact one of our committee members listed below. Your may also call the church office and leave your name and number and someone will contact you.

Ministries we support:

Brookstone Schools
The Anglican Relief and Developement Fund
Men's Shelter of Charlotte
Frank Myers Prison Ministry and Kairos
Help Crisis Pregnancy Center
Love INC
Care Ring
Greenville Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Charlotte Rescue Mission including Dove's Nest
Crisis Assistance Ministry