Clergy & Staff

The Rector (Senior Pastor): The Rev. Canon M. Filmore Strunk, Jr.

Assisting Priest: The Rev. Norman John Riebe

Assisting Priest: The Rev. Alfred Doku

Assisting Priest: The Rev. Frank Myers

Director of Children’s & Family Ministry: Becki Jahn

Director of Youth Ministries: Jennifer Cloughly

Parish Administrator:  Judy Rowe

Music Director/Choir Master/Pianist: Hilda Ryan

Praise and Worship Leader:  Will Wingate

Treasurer:  Maury Wilkinson



Senior Warden: Cindy Ferguson

Junior Warden: Philip Gutierrez

Worship and Music: Joe Matesich

Evangelism: Terrell Price

Missions & Outreach:  Jim Pohlig

Administration & Finance: Ray Ardizzone

Christian Formation: David Bishop

Pastoral CareDiane Wright