Adult Ministry

Sunday School

Sunday School is an essential part of Christian education at All Saints. The adult class will be meeting in the Cafeteria. Chris Maughan will be leading them in a study of the ancient city of Shechem and the interesting events surrounding it.

The Alpha Course

This course is for those who are curious about the basics of the faith, those new to the faith or those who want to reconnect with God. This 11 week course covers such topics as "Who is Jesus?" "Why did Jesus Die?" "What about Prayer?" "How Does God Guide Us?" and many others. Each night includes a meal, music, dumb church jokes, a talk and a small group discussion of the talk where no question is considered too basic or too hostile. Alpha began in England and is now taught world wide. Check it out!

Confirmation Class

Learn the riches of being a follower of Christ in the Anglican way! Confirmation Class covers the history, theology, worship and mission of the Anglican expression of the Christian faith. This class runs from late September to early December or at a time set in the Spring.